Friday, 16 March 2018

Harvey's Gang has had a great start to 2018

With the NHS being 70 years old later this year Harvey's gang would like to reach 70 sites!

Well what a great start to 2018 with 31 sites with Harvey's Gang tours and an additional 31 working towards starting tours! Also we have tours in Pharmacies too. Truly amazing, well done everyone involved.

Harvey's Gang has published their first newsletter and we hope to produce a new one every 6 months.

Harvey's Gang is being supported at  BGS Reading 12 - 14th April and LabCold have already produced the very special Harvey's Gang orange penguins that will be used to raise funds for Harvey's Gang.

Harvey's Gang was shortlisted for the Chief Scientific Officers Healthcare (Partnering Patients & Citizens) 2018 award and I was very lucky to meet HRH The Princess Royal, Princess Anne. We came runner up to an amazing service that looks at helping youngsters with calibrating their hearing aides and grommets; when you really think of it this is not easy, even I would say nearly impossible, and during the awards I talked with Emily Frost and I hope that we can help 3D Tune-in develop with Harvey's Gang in the future.

I received a letter from our Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) President and CEO which made me feel very special,  a very big thank you Alison and Jill, receiving this did make me feel very special.

The race is now on for the big cities to go live with Harvey's gang too: Rebecca and team in Manchester and Tamara and team in Edinburgh. These will really help so many more young people in these cities and clinical referral sites. (The pictures and Stories will follow as they go live).

Finally I have been shortlisted for Biomedical Scientist of the Year; This award will be announced on April 20th . I am so very proud and honoured to have been nominated, but then to be shortlisted is amazing. Fingers crossed.

very many thanks for reading, best wishes, Malcolm and Trustees of Harvey's Gang

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

William from Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital joins Harvey's Gang

Over to Anne:
I just wanted to tell you about our most recent lab visit on 6th February 2018. Although William was too shy for a picture we have a success story to tell.

William is 11 years old and has been through a lot recently and finds blood tests extremely difficult. Added to this his mum has undergone chemotherapy and so he has seen a lot of blood tests and cannulas and many hospital visits. 

Amy Play Specialist at the Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital told me the plan was to visit the labs with his Mum and then take his bloods afterwards.

William came down with his gel patches! (and his Mum & Amy). He is a tall 11 year old and really looked the part in an adult lab coat! 
William was a little too shy for a  photo but told me of his interest in Science. 

I invited him back for Work Experience when he is 16. 

was delighted to hear back from Amy that the visit was a success. Amys' words are below.

Hiya Anne,

Yes fantastic! He came back and sat and did his bloods! He was very pleased with himself and after lots of trying in the past he finally did it! Definitely think the lab tour helped massively so thank you so much!!

Thank you,


This is a true success story; Thanks Amy, Anne, and the team in Brighton.
Thanks, Malcolm